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  • Templar Knight Theme Real Human Skull Replica Signed by Zane Wylie

    $347.00 $267.00
    This skull was seen on the TV Show Preacher.
    This is a reproduction of a real human skull carved by Zane Wylie.
    The mold was created by using archive quality latex by master mold maker and artisan Chris Erney.
    The reproduction is cast in HEAVY museum quality resin.
    Signed by Zane Wylie
    “The Templar
    This piece was created to honor family lineage that aided the Templar Knights and hid treasures for them.
    The piece has very detailed carvings that contain modern and ancient Templar symbolism as well as Masonic imagery.
    The original piece contains an authentic piece of Templar currency from the 1100s
    Each piece is hand painted